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"If you don't book this band, it's your own fault."

Karo Kauer

"No matter what combo we book - it's unbelievable every time!"

Joachim Cordes

"This band can do EVERYTHING, and most importantly, they can really tear it down."

"From pre-planning to the event, always professional and well organized!"

Jörg Ridder
Echt Stark Events

"100% reliable, professional and unforgettable."

Katharina Landenberger

"Every year, this band blows us away again."

Jessica Reinartz
CHIO Aachen

"The band was awesome again! Thank you for your effort!"

Sibel Yavsan
Heimathafen Events

"everso we see at least every two months with us because they deliver at every exposition."

Nicole Herm
Nürnberg Messe

"Since we found everso, our booth party has been the hottest celebration at the entire exposition."

Jean-Michel Rupprecht

"everso tore everything down at our party - THANK YOU!"

Moritz Bleibtreu

"Guys, this band is the be-all and end-all. We were just so blown away! Our guests were all soooo on fire!"

Dr. Emi Arpa

Creative, as well as newly interpreted: We take you on a journey full of vibrant beats, snappy brass lines and unique voices. Dive with us into a world full of expression, color sound and emotions. With us, the boundary between musicians and audience blurs - create your musical experience.

And completely personal and individual, to be able to let your memory bloom again and again. We put your idea into practice: Let it be private parties or corporate events - the occasion is up to you.

Since 2014, we have formed a creative unit as a team, growing together over 300 shows a year. Our repertoire is huge and our improvisation skills reach peak performance. We are proud to say that our artists are true talents in their field.

We understand that music is a personal passion. And that's why we are here: To help you express the emotions you want to experience and transmit at your event in a very special way.

Our vision: to make your eyes sparkle, your hearts dance and to experience together enchanted moments in which we dwell in the now.

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